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Storage Containers

Our Landoll delivery trailer allows for easy delivery and return from your site. Containers are ground level to provide you with easy loading and unloading capability. Their rugged construction will assure you that your belongings remain safe and secure throughout your project. Wide swinging doors, with a good watertight seal, once latched properly, can be secured with a padlock. Containers are approximately 8' high and 8' wide and are available in 20' and 40' lengths. .

Contractors, businesses and residents can feel comfortable with the knowledge their construction material will still be on site when they return. These units also give homeowners the ability to remodel without damage to their furnishings.

Storage Trailers

Storage Trailers

Our storage trailer fleet consists of retired freight vans which have gone through an extensive reconditioning process to make them perfect for sites where something mobile is needed.

Storage trailers may also be moved, loaded, from one site to another. There is an additional fee for this service.

Storage trailers can be delivered to your site, in most cases, with a day or two's notice. Exterior measurements range from 28 to 48 feet in length with interior dimensions being roughly 8 feet in height and width. These trailers come with either a rollup (garage type) or two swinging (barn type) doors. Some trailers are equipped with side entry doors. Floor to ground height on standard freight trailers is approximately 4 feet (stairs or ramps are the customer's responsibility). All trailers may be locked with a common padlock.

Meadow Leasing also has a number of furniture vans and drop frame trailers which are lower to the ground than a typical freight type trailer. Because of the limited number of these units, availability cannot be guaranteed. Please call our office for details.

Mobile Office

Mobile Office

These units come in a variety of interior configurations. Some of the more common floor plan options include single office, double office and office-storage combinations. Depending upon your needs and site requirements, units may be equipped with desks, filing cabinets and / or plan tables.

All units come wired for electric heat and air conditioning. Blocking and leveling of the office unit is required for most situations. OSHA approved steps are also available for rent.

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